What is A.M.E.C.O.TECH.

It is what we do with the water that makes us unique!              Download the AMET Booklet HERE

  1. We use your water and improve it’s productivity.
  2. We do not add any chemicals.
  3. We do not alter the pH, taste, colour, quality or purity of your water.
  4. We do not introduce air or electricity (no outside influence – no pathogen threat).
  5. We make your water work harder for you, with its micellar cleaning effect.
    • Prevent biofilm and limescale in pipes, heating systems, feeder lines (farming), swimming pools, filtration systems, enywhere there is running water, there is potential for biofilm.
    • Enhances growth of plants, crops & vegetables through aerated soil & clean plant vessels.
    • Prolongs the life of picked fruit, flowers and vegetables through the hydrophilic effect.
    • Moisturises and cleans skin at a micellar level for for humans and animals.
    • Save money on chemicals and realise the dissolution effect.
    • Save money on energy and utility bills.
    • Save time in cleaning.
    • Feel better…

The use of UFB empowers mother nature to do her work and protect the environment which is paramount to protecting our planet and the eco system.

AMET Group

Prides itself on being part of this revolution ensuring that all locations and clients we serve are provided with factual information, results and we will educate you on the power of Ultra Fine Bubbles by helping you to protect the environment, yourself, workers, agriculture and animals including but not limited to;

Factories, agriculture, farming, aquaculture, chemical companies, schools, healthcare, animals, prisons, leisure facilities, homes, carehomes, offices, all public institutions and all private ones etc
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