All businesses have a responsibility to protect their employees and customers to the best of their ability and in current times reduce their carbon footprint without detracting from the services and products they offer.

It is a businesses duty to take ownership of the standards expected and deliver those standards without compromise, all of which puts a strain on the Profit and Loss account.

Running costs for businesses are increasing year on year, which sadly see’s many lower standards on cleaning, cut corners to reduce utility bills and general maintenance. Many then fall into liquidation, which in itself has a serious effect on a Countries economy.

How can UFB Help

  • Healthier cleaner drinking water
  • On demand hot water heats faster, reducing utility costs (Gas, Electric & water)
  • Less chemicals required to achieve results and saving the environment
  • Makes cleaning more efficient, removing bioburden from surfaces
  • Reduces cleaning time and effort required for cleaning
  • Removal and protection of bio-films from internal pipework and waste water systems
  • Helps protect interior surfaces and pipework
  • Hydrophilic coating left on glass, reducing the need for window cleaning
  • Ice on demand freezes faster
  • Cleaner and more efficient wastewater systems
  • Promotion of growth for outside lawns and shrubbery
  • Helps keep sprinkler systems running more efficiently
  • Ultimately reducing the carbon footprint

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