Continuous cleaning and sanitation take place within educational facilities and vast amounts of water are used for cleaning purposes at considerable expense to the establishment.

Many educational facilities have on site canteens, showers, swimming pools, drinking fountains, toilets, and bathrooms.

UFB will reduce utility cost for on demand hot water and it will assist in removing bioburden through its hyper cleaning effect (without the need for harsh chemicals)

Reduces the amount of chlorine required for swimming pool sanitation, help keep sewer systems cleaner, remove and prevent biofilm build up in pipework helping to prevent “Drain Pant” which can be lethal due to the effect of VOC’s being released into the environment.

How can UFB Help

  • Enhanced performance when mixed with water-based chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Hydrophilic coating left on exterior and interior surfaces reducing the need for chemicals and time associated with cleaning
  • Safe to use through any cleaning delivery system (sprayers, foggers and floor cleaning machines etc) It will also maintain the machinery by keeping the internal pipes clean
  • Helps protect machinery used for cleaning resulting in lower maintenance costs by keeping the internal pipes clean
  • Moisturising effect on skin and hair
  • On demand hot water heating system – lower running costs.
  • Promotion of growth on grass playing surfaces and shrubbery
  • Cleaner and more efficient wastewater systems
  • Prolonged life of shower attachments
  • Ultimately reducing the carbon footprint

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