Healthcare facilities are under continuous pressure to keep their facilities clean and pathogen free. None more so than NHS facilities and as Government financial cuts and fuel and energy prices increase it puts more pressure on the already strained budget.

On demand heating is a major expense as is chemicals used for cleaning and sanitising along with laundry expenses and the demand for water increases as does the use of chemicals.

By installing the UFB Dual valve, it will assist in all sanitation regimes within healthcare facilities.

How can UFB Help

  • Up to 60% reduction on chemicals used for cleaning dialysis machines
  • Healthier cleaner drinking water
  • Moisturising effect on skin and hair and drys faster
  • Heats on demand hot water faster
  • Reduced utilities cost (Gas, Electric & water)
  • Removal and protection against biofilm & calcification on submerged surfaces (baths & swimming pools) and pipe interiors.
  • Less chemicals required to achieve results, saving on chemical purchases
  • Makes cleaning more efficient, removing bioburden from surfaces
  • Reduces cleaning time and effort required for cleaning.
  • Less chemical required for laundry systems at lower temperature with hyper cleaning effect.
  • Helps protect interior surfaces of washing machines and associated fittings and pipework
  • Enhances the performance of water-based chemicals used for cleaning
  • Ultimately reducing the carbon footprint

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