Transportation is massive business, no matter if it’s for leisure purposes or commercial purposes, companies will invest vast amounts of money in keeping their fleets clean and sanitised.

When UFB water is used in conjunction with water-based chemicals, the chemical will be enhanced due to the millions of microscopic bubbles in UFB water that penetrate deep into a surface lifting the bioburden without detriment to the surface. The same scenario is repeated regardless of if, it’s a full vehicle wash and valet, water in the screen wash or used in the vehicles coolant system.

UFB water will help protect internal pipes, mechanisms and body work due to the hydrophilic effects, reducing the bioburden and cleaning time

How can UFB Help

  • Enhanced performance when mixed with water-based chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Hydrophilic coating left on exterior and interior surfaces reducing the need for chemicals and time associated with cleaning prolonging the clean
  • Enhancement of lifespan and process efficiency of RO membranes
  • Enhanced performance of screen wash
  • Helps to protect engines when used through water coolant management system
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Safe to use through any cleaning delivery system
  • Cleaner and more efficient wastewater systems
  • Ultimately reducing the carbon footprint

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